Upcoming Events in Belfast


Here's a brief overview of what's coming up in Belfast for your enjoyment over the holiday period.

If you’re hankering for some new music, you never have to go far.  You can check out my albums of the year here; and below this paragraph is a playlist I put together of my favourite songs released this year…  That’s what we have on the website – but what of  Belfast?

Well, The Limelight is continuing its impressive re-rise – it has been the stand-out venue, for both students and for the quality of artists they attract, this year in Belfast – this Friday (21st December) by hosting both General Fiasco and Wonder Villains on the same night.  Not a bad way to spend your last day on earth.  Me? I’ll be working –  ಠ_ಠ

Meanwhile, Stiff Kitten is hosting a huge Boxing Night show, and Mandela Hall is hosting the New Year’s Eve event.  Check out shine.net and the Limelight’s website for shows heading into the new year.

Now, on to film, and we have all your bases covered.  We have The Hobbit, Life of Pi and Seven Psychopaths reviewed (note: they’re all worth a watch – but Life of Pi is magnificent), as well as a brilliant preview of some of the best films coming out in January and beyond (by Steven Armour).  As always, the Movie House has times etc., That should keep you going.

As for theatre, well, it’s Belfast, so you’re never far from something great.  The Lyric is currently hosting Forget Turkey! We’re Going to Phuket This Christmas, a satirical sketch show of the past 12 months in Northern Ireland (yes, they cover #flegs).    If you’re more into your traditional theatre, the Lyric is also showing Hansel & Grettel .   Likewise, The Mac has a variety of worthwhile events to take away the downtime blues; from art exhibitions to family theatre, it’s always worth a visit.

Other than that, you can cast your eyes over the Gown’s growing YouTube content here.  We’ve filmed a few musicians and poets now, and over the coming weeks I’ll be putting together and uploading some more videos to the channel.  Subscribe for updates, or follow me on twitter.

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Until the new semester, take care folks.  Love to all.


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