Notes from the Director: ‘100’ at the Brian Friel Theatre

Imagine that you must choose one single memory from your life – everything else will be erased forever. That choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity. That you have one hour to choose. Choose now.

From your whole life, from all you’ve ever done, felt or thought… what is the one thing you treasure most? The characters in 100 are forced to choose and re-enact their memories, using only their bodies and bamboo sticks in fluidly transforming ‘sets’.
We are magically transported to a dramatic French motorbike race, a South American rainforest and a London tube train as each character in turn tries to capture their memory for eternity

 I was first handed the script of 100 from a friend over a year ago and it was only lately that it came back to my attention. What fascinated me about this play was the great potential it had to become a fantastic piece of Physical Theatre. Using only the  actors bodies, a bamboo stick and a select few props I was intrigued for the journey that lay ahead in creating this piece, that was minimalist in looks but oozed energy and creativity.  At it’s simplist, physical theatre is theatre where the primary means of creation occurs through the body rather than through the mind, the stomatic impulse is privilged over the cerebral in the making process. However it is such a vast and creative process that it is hard to sum up in one sentence or as a generic definition. 

Physical Theatre is a style I have chosen to specialise in for quite a while now as I find that it gives plays a new lease of life, it allows an audience to not only experience a different style but also for them to interpret the plays and the subtext within them in various ways. 

There are very few comapnies in Belfast and the UK as a whole which specialise is this style of theatre. The forerunners being Bruiser Theatre Company, DV8 Physical Theatre, Frantic Assembly, and Theatre Ad Infinitum, however it is extremely difficult to expereince this type of theatre normally and it is therefore my intent to allow theatre goers the chance to see another creative process.

Over a period of 6 weeks ‘100’ has been through many changes, the process was long and hard as the actors were given an input into movement and also through tablework and exercises they were allowed to layer their performances and see the different ways in which delivery can change the perception of their character. As a whole he play really is a feast for the senses.


‘100’ is being performed in the Brian Friel Theatre, 19th-21st February, 7:30pm, doors open at 7:15pm. £4 for PLAYERS members and £5 for the public.

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