QUBSU Election Results 2013

[liveblog] 7.48 – We’re in Bar Sub in QUBSU for the results of this year’s elections. We’ve been here since 7 – always afraid to miss something! The bar has just started to fill up properly in the last fifteen minutes or so.

7.54 – Jonny Gallagher has just informed the Gown that candidates have just been given their wristbands that entitles them to their £30 bar tab. The results evening has truly started.

8.01 – Dominic Doherty has just told us that it’s about 15 minutes until the results are announced.

8.04 – Just as a reminder, polling closed a5 5pm this afternoon. At the close of polling, 4104 votes had been cast, just slightly down from 4124 last year. As turnout is low, those mere 20 votes make for a 0.5% fall in votes.

8.12 – As a note, that’s 4104 who voted in any one election. Turn out in each of the seven separate elections will vary.

8.15 – The results screen is up. It begins!

8.18 – The mike is getting tapped… NERVES!

8.20 – The bar is packed now.

8.20 – Woo! Now we’ve started.

8.20 – Doc has just compared himself to Justin Bieber.

8.21 – Any eliminated candidate will be invited to make a thank you speech.

8.21 – Chelsea Worth has said in advance that she does not wish to make a speech. She has extended her thanks through Doc.

8.22 – Returning Officer will announce the results for the first time, Keelin McGrogan of NUS-USI

8.23 – Dominic Doherty calls for respect regardless of the outcome.

8.24 – McGrogan thanks the IT team for all their work, and the SU team.

8.25 – Votes Cast for President 3390.
McShane 1672
Paul Walsh 1110
Worth 473
RON 134

RON then Worth eliminated. McShane 1842 votes. Walsh 1343 votes. Rapturous applause.

8.27 – Paul Walsh makes his speech. It’s been a hell of an election. Thanks everyone who voted, his team, family and friends. I don’t doubt that a good job will be done. I will leave having had great things when I expected good.

8.28 – McShane – It’s an honour and a privilege. Asks for applause for other candidates. It’s been a very intense three days. It’s come to a happy conclusion. Thanks everyone, especially canvassers and voters. It’s times like these that you recognise who your friends are. We focuses on a positive campaign. I want to make a tangible difference. Thank you.

8.29 – VP Campaigns and Communications now. Votes Cast 2826. RON eliminated at first count.
Connor Daly – 1551
Orry Robinson – 791
Naomi Davis – 363
RON – 121

Naomi Davis takes the stage to thank everyone.

Orry Robinson takes the stage. He says that he couldn’t mention all the people who helped.

Connor Daly takes the stage to absolutely deafening applause. Daly says it’s the first time in his life that he’s speechless. Thanks his opponents. Thanks everyone for turning out. You really find out who your friends are. Friends like Niall Crozier and Sean Ashford. I can’t thank anyone enough. Thanks.

8.33 – VP Welfare. Votes Cast 2869. Quota 1435.5. RON eliminated. Shane Melaugh eliminated 358 votes. He takes the stage. He thanks everyone, it’s been fantastic fun and something I’ll never forget. The best of luck to you.

Stage 3
Tiernan McAteer 1502
Lynsey Ellis 1185

Chants of T Mc! T Mc! Lynsey Ellis takes the stage. Thanks everyone on the team. It has been an amazing experience, all the best to Tiernan. Thanks to all our dedicated canvassers. Thanks to everyone that voted.

Tiernan McAteer, winner, takes the stage. People tell him that he’s gorgeous, and wolf whistle. He has no speech prepared. I want to thank all of the people that dedicated their time to come out. Joanne O’Neill who has been great in the role. It’s great to see such competition and proactive students trying to represent other students.

8.38 – VP Education. 2822 votes Cast.

RON eliminated.
Eoin Deeney 1371
Fergal McFerran 1336

Phenomenally close vote. 35 votes in it. McFerran takes the stage to rapturous applause. Thanks Eoin for a fair fight and thanks his team mates. He thanks everyone who came out, who participated, who voted. He’s got a tough act to follow.

8.41 – Deeney thanks everyone, especially Fergal. It was tight. Thanks a lot of people, including Nuala McAdams, like the big sister she never had.

8.41 – VP Equality and Diversity. 2730 votes cast.

McNeill 1363
McShane 1208
RON 159 – Eliminated.

McNeill is elected with 1384 votes. McShane received 1247 on second count.

McShane says thanks, she knew this would be difficult. Thanks everyone, says good luck to Caoimhe.

McNeill takes the stage. There’s a lot of whooping. McNeill takes the stage. She congratulates Nicole and asks for a round of applause. McNeill says that she won’t name everyone that helped, there’s too many. Thanks the current student officers, they have made a difference. She says that she couldn’t have got through without them. There’s a shout from the crowd, “Yeah, you couldn’t” Wishes everyone else good luck. Thanks all canvassers and those who voted. Thanks her family and her housemates. Names a few individuals, says that she wouldn’t stand without the three. The names included Aidan Hughes. For those who didn’t believe in me, I will do a great job. Good luck to everyone else. Oh, sorry, I’ve forgotten Jessica Kirk. Thanks!

8.46 – VP Community 2874 votes cast
Sarah Louise Baird 1518
Jennifer Lau 1239

RON 117. Baird elected on first count. Lau takes the stage. I wouldn’t be hear without great friends and great campaigners. It’s been a fantastic campaign. Don’t forget about RAG. Rapturous applause. Democracy should be what we all strive for anyway. There’s a lot of people who will depend on your support, thanks. Thanks to everyone. I hope everyone has a nice night.

Baird takes the stage. Jenny, it’s been a fantastic campaign, thanks Jenny for an amazing campaign. I have no intention of forgetting about RAG. I want to thank everyone that helped, one person in particular, Aidan Hughes. He’s been my rock. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so so much.

8.51 – VP Clubs and Societies 3005 votes

Jonny Gallagher 1124
Martin Lilly 1709
RON 172.

Quota 1334. Martin Lilly is elected on the first count. Gallagher takes the stage. I don’t know how to thank everyone. I will say that I ran because I love this Students’ Union and I want to see it succeed. I’m going to give a melodramatic quote, from Ted Kennedy. The hope lives on and the dream will never die.

Martin Lilly takes the stage. He thanks Gallagher. He thanks his canvassers and his campaign manager, Shuffle. Hopefully I’ll do a good job next year. Thank you folks.

8.55 – The RAG charities for 2013/2014 will be announced in ten minutes.

The new officers take the stage for a photo.

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