The Gown Needs You!

Applications for next year’s Gown team are now open.

Here are the roles you can apply for…

The EDITOR is responsible for every word printed, managing the team and
contributors on the business and journalistic side, and needs to know everything going on at QUB. Daunting? Yes. The most fun you’ll ever have? Yes.

The GENERAL MANAGER is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of all areas of the paper, from deadline adherence, to ensuring regular communications are sent out.

The BUSINESS MANAGER has one of the toughest jobs on the team. The Gown is an independent paper and relies entirely on advertising to cover the costs of printing and the website. It's down to the business manager to manager a team of ad sales people to book ads for the paper and the website. A steep learning curve, but an invaluable experience.

The WEBMASTER is Responsible for website maintenance, placing ads on the website and solving any problems that we run into.

The SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER is someone who is addicted to their computer and their smartphone – Facebook and Twitter are hugely important to brand awareness. We need to make sure both outlets are properly managed. A great introduction to PR.

The NEWS EDITOR is responsible for gathering all news, from national level to QUBSU level. Good knowledge of how the Union and the University works is essential. You will never be bored.

The ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR is responsible for co-ordinating reviews of film, music, theatre, and whatever else you think needs to be reviewed. This role is what you make it. All around passion is essential. The ability to sweet talk free tickets, albums and books and the odd interview is also essential.

The FEATURES EDITOR is responsible for commissioning pieces on topical and current events. A great creative role, a finger on the pulse and sensitivity are essential.

The LIFESTYLE EDITOR is responsible for commissioning articles on life as a student, looking after yourself and what to do if things go wrong. Also responsible for liaising with Features Editor to avoid overlap.

The SPORTS EDITOR is responsible for finding out what goes on in all areas of
QUB’s sporting life. Think you know all that goes on at the Dub and in the PEC?

The PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR is responsible for sourcing images for articles in print and online, preferably originals. They will need to manage a team of photographers to get the shot that tells a story perfectly. Knowledge of copyright law is an advantage, but not an essential.

The DESIGN EDITOR will need to have good knowledge of InDesign or Quark and Photoshop and a creative flair. They’ll need to be able to place a paper in a very short space of time, and will need to listen to direction. Perfect if you’d like a career in publishing.

The WEB EDITOR will be in charge of maintaining the website and ensuring articles are uploaded and published frequently and steadily. Experience with WordPress is desirable.

Other positions may be made available depending on the quality of applications. We’re here to provide a platform for you to gain experience in journalism, publishing, photography, ad sales, and business management, not to turn you away.

Applications are now open and close at 12 noon on May 10 2013.

To apply, please email with the following information :
TWO EXAMPLES OF YOUR WORK (these do not need to have been previously published)


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