G4S Speak Out as Campaign Behind Referendum Gathers Momentum

As the campaign behind a referendum on plans to outsource Student’s Union jobs to private firm G4S gathers momentum, G4S have released a statement on the extension of their contract with QUBSU to The Gown.

A spokesman for the company commented:

G4S has provided security at Queen’s University Belfast Student Union (QUBSU) since 2009 and last month, QUBSU extended our role to cover security duties previously performed by student staff members.  The same number of people will be required to fulfil these duties, working the same number of hours.  While there will be flexible working to allow for changes in security demand owing to term time and holiday events, this will also allow students employed by G4S flexibility to work around term time academic and holiday commitments.

We have worked proactively with QUBSU, students and the employees involved over the past weeks to address concerns they may have and we look forward to welcoming these members of staff to G4S.”

The statement comes in advance of a referendum due to be held on the issue, following student concerns surrounding the privatisation of Union jobs. Earlier in the week, almost 1200 students signed a petition in support of the referendum, which will take place on Thursday May 9th, via Queen’s Online (QOL).

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2 thoughts on “G4S Speak Out as Campaign Behind Referendum Gathers Momentum

  1. This is a company complicit in corruption, fraud, drug smuggling and in the wholesale destruction of communities, privatised war and supplying mercenaries, locking up children in young offenders institutions and forcing them to strip in front of guards then to wear rags. G4S kills people it is meant to be looking after ( Jimmy Mubenga) and is complicit in war crimes against the Palestine by providing security and equipment for Israeli prisons. There are allegations of rape and serial sexual harassment by G4S employees by women housed through its Compass housing contract who are vulnerable asylum seekers. The dean and faculty of Queens have a duty of care to the students on campus. It is written into the college constitution. Perhaps if this nonsense prevails the students body might take the contract for judicial review. There are human rights and contract law barristers who will make mince meat of the case that perpetrators of violence, trauma and a corporation which is guilty of human rights infractions on a global scale should be allowed anywhere near vulnerable young people. Good luck.


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