Promotional Video Asks Students to ‘Vote to Make History’ in Build-Up to Referendum

The ‘Save Student Jobs’ campaign – behind this Thursday’s referendum on the outsourcing of QUBSU security positions to private firm G4S – have kicked off the week with the release of a promotional video.

The clip marks the beginning of a week of canvassing by the campaign, who hope to convince the student body to vote ‘Yes’ to the referendum: “Should QUBSU cease any further outsourcing of event stewards to a private company (G4S) and return to its previous policy of actively and directly recruiting students?” via an online vote on Queen’s Online, this Thursday May 9th. Further efforts to make students aware of the referendum are set to include a ‘Rally to Save SU Jobs’ this Wednesday, in addition to an ongoing social media campaign.

The referendum was called early last week as a petition circulated around the student body attracted almost 1200 signatures in one day. The action followed concerns that a decision undertaken by the Union Management Board to outsource QUBSU security positions to G4S may jeopardise job security for current members of Union security staff.

Today’s video notes,

The QUBSU Steward team have been part of the Queen’s Student Union community since 1966. We want to show you how some of your Stewards, past and present, remember their time at QUBSU”.

The remainder of the clip, which lasts for 2 minutes and 57 seconds, offers an insight into the history of the QUBSU Steward team; featuring a montage of photographs of staff old and new, celebrating the successes of current and former QUBSU security employees, before besieging viewers to ‘Vote Yes. Vote to Make History’.

The video can now be viewed below.

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