2011 Sabbs Release Joint Statement

The Gown has received a press release compiled by the QUBSU sabbatical officers for the academic year 2010-2011 clarifying their actions whilst in office, and their position on the upcoming referendum surrounding outsourcing of security jobs to G4S. The statement follows in full:

“We, the QUBSU Executive of 2010-11, are releasing this statement on the potential outsourcing of QUBSU security staff jobs to G4S. Those of us who are no longer members of the union have tried to stay out of the situation. However, the repeated allegations around our involvement in the situation have forced us all to respond.

These are not sterile issues of debate. We can’t stand by while student jobs are on the line.

It has been claimed that in May 2011, we made the decision to outsource the Students’ Union’s in-house security staff to G4S. We can all confirm that this is categorically not true. A decision was made regarding the management structure of the security staff, but this in no way included or referred to outsourcing of the student job roles.

It has been suggested that the decision we made is open to interpretation. However, from reviewing the minutes of the meetings, they is nothing open to interpretation. There is no reference to, or mention of, the outsourcing of student staff. Had we felt there was any insinuation that student jobs would be outsourced, we would never have allowed any decision to pass.

We are gravely disappointed that others have sought to pin this decision on us, failing to take responsibility for their own actions. We fully support the calling of a referendum to allow the voice of the students to be heard on this important issue.

Our thoughts are with the student staff in this time of uncertainty, and we hope that the current Students’ Union staff and officers will see the error in this decision.

Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union Executive 2010-11

Gareth McGreevy – President
Fiona Kidd – Vice President Campaigns & Communications
Nathan Anderson – Vice President Education
Adam McGibbon –Vice President Welfare
Niall Bole – Vice President Clubs & Societies
Jay Downs – Vice President Community

Samantha Tan – Vice President Equality & Diversity”


Published by The Gown Queen's University Belfast

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