QUBSU President Jason O’Neill Speaks Out on ‘Save Students’ Jobs’ Referendum

QUBSU President, Jason O’Neill, has released a statement concerning the outsourcing of SU security staff jobs to G4S.

“A recommendation was approved by the Students’ Union Management Board on 15 June 2011, to extend the management of our security contract which is currently operated by G4S, to cover all security personnel” said Mr O’Neill.

Just what was approved by the management board in 2011 has been a delicate issue and one that has sparked much controversy in the past week with many campaigners demanding that evidence be provided to support the current management board’s decision.

Campaigners have also demanded that the context behind the decision be made more transparent for students and as such copies of the June 2011 management board documents were circulated amongst students at an open meeting on Friday afternoon.

The ‘Students’ Union Resources and Development Sub-Group’ which met in May 2011 produced the file note  ‘Review  of the Bars, Entertainments and Security Staff Structure’. It was recommended that “…where there is duplication of resource in the areas of Entertainments, Event Management and Security, resource allocation for these areas be outsourced, where appropriate.” The position of security co-ordinator was then collapsed it was proposed that the G4S Event Security Supervisor (ESS).

The file note continues, saying “It is proposed that G4S assume sole responsibility for Security and that the security team, which is comprised of both Students’ Union stewards and G4S staff, will report directly to the ESS.  The ESS will report to the Venue Manager.” However since the proposal,G4S have not assumed control of that position.

In relation to the proposed re-structuring of SU event management Mr O’Neill defended the management board decision stating that he believed the context of the relative documents to be of paramount importance. He then offered re-assurance to any DC’s present saying “All current security staff have been offered positions with G4S and therefore no one will lose their job as a result of this decision. ”

Mr O’Neill added that, “The Union has put plans in place to create additional job opportunities for students across our services and can confirm G4S are dedicated to employing Queen’s students now and in the future.”

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3 thoughts on “QUBSU President Jason O’Neill Speaks Out on ‘Save Students’ Jobs’ Referendum

  1. Jason lad, if they won’t do what they say for the Government and the international community, they aren’t going to listen to a tin-pot president with aspirations of working in a supermarket.


  2. so if the decision was made two years ago by a previous executive, why was it only implemented this month, two years later? sounds like lies to me.

    jason o’neill has been useless.


  3. if Jason O’Neill wants to outsource our security staff he should just come out and say it instead of hiding.


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