97% in Favour of Halt to Outsourcing as ‘Save Student Jobs’ Referendum is Held

History has been made this week as nearly 1400 students voted in Thursday’s referendum to ‘Save Student Jobs’. Of the 1388 who voted, 97% were in favour of an immediate halt to plans to outsource QUBSU security positions – a total of 1348 people.

A margin of just 3% (40 people) voted ‘No’ to the question, “Should QUBSU cease any further outsourcing of event stewards to a private company (G4S) and return to its previous policy of actively and directly recruiting students?”, ensuring that the results of this referendum have been some of the most definitive in recent memory.

The amount of ‘Yes’ votes in Thursday’s referendum outstrips the number of students who voted in favour of remaining affiliated with NUS-USI, in the last notable referendum to take place. In Octo

ber 2012, 1270 students had voted to support the Union in its reaffirmation of membership of NUS-USI.

Alongside the referendum, students were invited to vote on a series of amendments to the Students’ Union’s constitution – with the most voted-in of these (a mandate to organise an LGBT awareness month) gaining 372 votes, with 297 in favour.

Despite the landslide margin by which those who voted were in favour of the ‘Save Student Jobs’ referendum, the result of vote does not constitute a binding contract –  rather a suggestion – to the Union, as the campaign to publicise the referendum failed to amass the necessary 2400 votes (10% of the student body) deemed to constitute a reasonable quorum.

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One thought on “97% in Favour of Halt to Outsourcing as ‘Save Student Jobs’ Referendum is Held

  1. Excellent news and I was happy to have been part of the referendum. The Students’ Union council did pass a motion to the effect of basically saying we accept the referendum outcome even if it is only at recommendation level.

    We did this to ensure the Students’ Union President and management could not turn around and misinterpret or deliberately ignore the student voice.


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