Students’ Union Calls for an Independent Review of Security Following Referendum

A meeting was held on Monday 13th May following the landslide 'Yes' vote in Thursday's referendum to prevent the outsourcing of in-house security staff jobs to private security provider G4S. In attendance was Gordon Douglas (Director of QUBSU), Jason O'Neill (President) and also prominent members of the 'Save Students' Jobs' campaign team, Tyler McNally, Johnny Gasllagher, Beki Sheldon, and former DC, Phil Cole.

The meeting was held to discuss the result of the referendum and what measures the Union will take next. Mr Douglas and Mr O'Neill assured those in attendance that the Students' Union would listen carefully to its' members and make sure that the ri

ght measures are taken going forward from this result.

Mr Douglas later released a statement to the Gown in which he said, “Queen’s Students’ Union is committed to providing jobs for students in the Students’ Union. We are here to represent the views of our members and listened very carefully to what they said in the Referendum on Thursday 7 May 2013.”

He continued by saying that, “The Students’ Union will engage the services of an independent professional security advisor to review the overall provision of security services in the Union. This Review shall include consultation with Students’ Union Management Board, students, event stewards and security staff currently working in the Union, any subsequent recommendations will be considered by Management Board.”

The existing security arrangements at QUBSU will remain in place until the independent review draws its' conclusions and delivers a recommendation to QUBSU.


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