Places to eat around campus

    By Chantelle Frampton, Lifestyle Editor, @frampy_93 For many first year students the idea of moving to a new city is incredibly exciting.  You get to meet new friends, experience different things and become independent from home.  Your first few weeks are bombarded with new people, accommodation and an entire lifestyle transformation.  Many newContinue reading “Places to eat around campus”

What To Do In Fresher’s Week If You Don’t Drink

By Rachel Ireland (Contributor) One of the most pervasive stereotypes about university students is that they like to drink. A lot. This can make starting university seem intimidating for new students who don’t drink for religious or personal reasons. “Fresher’s Week” is a time when the majority of new students are on campus together; clubsContinue reading “What To Do In Fresher’s Week If You Don’t Drink”

Fresher Hangover Cures

By Fiona Edgar (Contributor) Everyone knows that one of the things that students most look forward to at university is Fresher’s Week. Why? Well the answer is pretty simple. The amount of pub crawls and promotional drinks vouchers shoved in your hands can easily mean a fairly cheap week of drink that could even appeaseContinue reading “Fresher Hangover Cures”