Letter: From QUB Palestinian Solidarity Society

Dear Editor, Our society would like to appeal to all students at Queen’s to take the issue of Palestine seriously this year. Students in Northern Ireland for the very first time have an amazing opportunity to utilise the policies of the Northern Ireland student movement (NUS-USI) in progressing a serious approach to Palestinian human rights.Continue reading “Letter: From QUB Palestinian Solidarity Society”

Dublin March for Marriage

BY BEN FINCH 6,000 people snaked through Dublin’s streets for the fourth annual March for Marriage. The infectious snap of samba drums ricocheted up and down Kildare Street where protestors chanted: “What do we want? Equal rights! When do we want it? Now!” as they stopped outside the gates of Leinster House, the home ofContinue reading “Dublin March for Marriage”

Opinion: Assange Must Be Measured With His Own Rule

BY NEAL BAKER Any story that centres around an international diplomatic dispute is bound to be riddled with complexity and confusion, but as far as this rule-of-thumb goes, the case surrounding the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has this week been granted political asylum from Ecuador in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden byContinue reading “Opinion: Assange Must Be Measured With His Own Rule”

Film Review : The Bourne Legacy

Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is an agent of ‘The Program’. A man modified in a project designed to create human beings capable of extraordinary mental and physical feats. Feats that, unfortunately, are better witnessed by watching Matt Damon in what will henceforth be called the “original” Bourne Trilogy. In The Bourne Legacy, Cross is huntedContinue reading “Film Review : The Bourne Legacy”