QUB Athletics: Fond Memories Before 2022’s Return to Racing

The Gown’s Deputy and Sports Editor, Rory Morrow, fondly reminisces on last year’s immense success for QUB’s Athletics Club.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: An Ethical Guide to a Happy Christmas

Environmental Editor Fleur Howe offers readers an ethical guide to Christmas shopping; Five eco-conscious shops to buy your loved ones presents from this Christmas.

Belfast May Be Repeating Dublin’s Mistakes On Housing And Urban Life

Hannah Weir writes about how Belfast’s housing crisis echoes mistakes already made in Dublin and other cities

Queen’s University Lead Multidisciplinary Effort To Examine The Centenary of Irish Partition

Queen’s University, Belfast recently revealed their plans examining the multi-faceted impact of the partition of Ireland in that event’s centenary year. The series of talks, named ‘The Partition of Ireland: Causes and Consequences’ will feature prominent academics from and associated with the University. Editor, Peter Donnelly writes.