CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: An Ethical Guide to a Happy Christmas

Environmental Editor Fleur Howe offers readers an ethical guide to Christmas shopping; Five eco-conscious shops to buy your loved ones presents from this Christmas.

FEATURE: COP26 and The Goal of Net Zero

Environmental Editor Fleur Howe explores the goal of net zero around COP26:
” Johnson’s focus on securing a future will not be possible if the global responsibility is placed solely on future plans and not on the plans for now.”

NI’s Way Out Of Covid: Stick With The Step-By-Step Approach

There is no doubting that any continuation of restrictions is highly frustrating as the thirteenth month of living under some form of lockdown or restriction approaches. Hope is near with the highly successful UK-wide roll out of the Covid vaccination programme. Yet that hopeful anticipation of something brighter on the horizon is persistently defeated by the recklessness of individuals who take it upon themselves to invoke their exemption to the law. Editor Peter Donnelly writes.