OPINION: Queen’s University offers Statement on Strike Action: Where Do They Fit?

Editor-in-Chief, Aidan Lomas, focuses his thoughts on the proposed strike action and the role Queen’s University is playing in them.

Dominic Cummings BBC interview: The ‘be all and end all’ performance?

Peter Donnelly notes the dynamics at play in Dominic Cummings’ latest public attack on the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. As far as Cummings is concerned the “be all and end all” is yet to come.

Feature: Euros 2020 should serve as a reminder to appreciate what we have and can do with a working system and cleansed mindset

In this feature Rory Morrow examines the transforming influence the year late 2020 Euros had on public morale after 18 months of public halth restrictions. The weird, the wonderful, the good and not so all feature in this piece.

Euros 2020 Feature: Is Footballing Karma Acting In Reverse At These Unique Euros?

Rory Morrow writes in this feature focusing on the many dynamics at play at the year-late Euros. Many of the best scenes from the European Championships have so far originated from an incident of misfortune, extreme bad luck. This is karma reversed, are the footballing gods who control the fate of our beloved game repenting on themselves?