Student Election Highlights

Tonight’s SU Leader Elections were intense! So what did we learn.. Two candidates from the Reunion Ticket were elected; Sean Fearon was elected SU President and Paul Loughran was elected VP Student Activities. Calvin Black was unable to attend on the night. Declan Frith received double the total votes on Calvin; Paul Loughran doubled thoseContinue reading “Student Election Highlights”

VP Welfare Candidates 2016

So what have your VP Welfare hopefuls have to say for themselves in the last day of elections? We found out… We’ll update as we receive more responses… JESSICA ELDER A fun fact about yourself? I’m less than 5 months away from becoming a fully-qualified nurse and can actually play the bagpipes pretty well! InContinue reading “VP Welfare Candidates 2016”

What Does Democracy Mean to a Student?

Cathy Corbett, Contributor There’s one thing that should matter more than whether you’re Unionist or Nationalist, Republican or Loyalist, or Alliance or Green. That’s democracy: it’s what’s made our country what it is today, it’s what stands between us and oppression – and it’s what means those in power have the authority to wield thatContinue reading “What Does Democracy Mean to a Student?”