30 years on…the lessons of the 1992 General Election!

2022 is slightly different to what happened 30 years ago. There is no general election to Westminster, keeping at least (on paper) another two years of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Yet, Northern Ireland goes to the polls on May 5th, France votes for its next President this month and Australia votes a week afterContinue reading “30 years on…the lessons of the 1992 General Election!”

 Lessons from 1969 – Stormont released into the wild!

This week marks the end of Stormont’s term of office since the last election in March 2017. It marks the end of an elected term for which Professor Jonathon Tonge recalls has only sat for 40% of its time with a power-sharing executive between the major parties in the assembly. The 2022 election is shapingContinue reading ” Lessons from 1969 – Stormont released into the wild!”

The Morning After

Anna Royle treats us with a new, short story… One Tuesday morning in December, Rachel blundered through the blue fire doors at 8:40am, her black brogues scuffed against the rough grey carpet. She slammed her Le Pliage Longchamp tote dupe onto the desk so hard that her ink-stained Paperchase pencil case and matching pink pukkaContinue reading “The Morning After”