Book to Film Adaptations – Always a Good Idea?

BY KYLIE NOBLE Many of the most anticipated releases of 2012 were book to film adaptations with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey being the most significant. The appetite for literary adaptations onto the big screen looks to increase throughout 2013 with Gangster Squad and Les Misérables already pulling in huge crowds. Possibly the most eagerlyContinue reading “Book to Film Adaptations – Always a Good Idea?”

Opinion: Photojournalism Production Order

BY TYLER MCNALLY “Targeting Journalism has become a trend and now the people who are harassing and killing Journalists includes the Government as well as the people you would expect.” This is a statement from Alan Rusbridger, Editor in Chief of the Guardian. You may wonder why an article on production orders, a court orderContinue reading “Opinion: Photojournalism Production Order”

Opinions: Student Council This Semester

read the full info here The actions of the QUBSU Student Council this semester have moved some students to share their views. The motions and the dates of the meeting are included below. Council Opinion: Student Council Votes for Neutrality Policy on Abortion [December 12th] BY SONIA BENHASSINE The World may not have ended onContinue reading “Opinions: Student Council This Semester”