Issue No. 8 – 13/01/22 – 26/01/22

(2021-22, Issue 8, 13th of January – 26th of January in 2022)


    First-time Contributor, Murchana Kaushik, in her own sensitive style, dissects the wars within the war continuing between Russia and Ukraine. “The underlying idea reflected in all of these is the dichotomy of “us versus them”. Who is considered superior juxtaposed against those deemed inferior”

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Issue No.7

What was it like to live in Lebanon one year after the blast?

By Jade Alves-Gabiron Lebanon has been hit by one of the strongest non-nuclear explosions the world has ever known[1] on Tuesday, 4 August 2020. Even though there is an after and a before the blast, the country was already diving into a systemic crisis since 2018. In 2021, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission…

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INKPOT: Solitaire

The Gown’s Creative Writing Editor, Anna Royle, welcomes readers into the New Year with her poem: Solitaire.

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