ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nick Cave – Push the Sky Away (Bad Seed Ltd; 2013)

BY CATHAL DELEA All tailored suit and slit-throats, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are back after an over-long absence, sans Mick Harvey, and with an altar offering in Push the Sky Away. At fifty-five Cave is getting into dangerous territory; by rights he should’ve went to seed long ago; retired the Saville Row tailoringContinue reading “ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nick Cave – Push the Sky Away (Bad Seed Ltd; 2013)”

Film Review: Cloud Atlas (Warner Bros; 2012)

BY GEMMA INGLIS Cloud Atlas has been described by its author David Mitchell as “unfilmable,” and yet this is what Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski siblings have done. With credits such as The Matrix Trilogy and Run Lola Run credited as the developers previous work, they seem capable taskmasters to undertake the mammoth task ofContinue reading “Film Review: Cloud Atlas (Warner Bros; 2012)”

Film Review: Django Unchained (Columbia, 2012)

By KAITY HALL Set two years before the Civil War in America, Tarantino, with Django Unchained, goes down the same path as he did with his previous film Inglourious Basterds.  He is re-moulding history through film. He produces his own take on the past and as you sit watching the film, infused with obligatory shootingsContinue reading “Film Review: Django Unchained (Columbia, 2012)”

Film Review: Life of Pi (20th Century Fox; 2012)

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN Ang Lee’s latest film, Life of Pi, re-positions him as a film-maker of real significance. I haven’t read the novel – though the conclusion is precise enough to assume that the ultimate point of the novel is accurately conveyed – and I deliberately didn’t watch previews or read any of the hype.Continue reading “Film Review: Life of Pi (20th Century Fox; 2012)”