#LE23 Looking Back, Looking Forward: Diary Entry 1 – Karl Duncan SDLP Youth.

 A warm, sunny Monday afternoon sets the scene for the first post-election conversation with a party activist. Karl Duncan (as Chair of SDLP Youth) kindly accepted to be the first person under the spotlight in the COSTA coffee shop at Wellington Place. I asked the busy man how he felt the SDLP campaign had goneContinue reading “#LE23 Looking Back, Looking Forward: Diary Entry 1 – Karl Duncan SDLP Youth.”

FEATURE: The Writing is on the Wall – The Good Friday Agreement is a Busted Flush

Garrett Byrne writes on the political situation in Northern Ireland, discussing the Good Friday Agreement and last weeks elections.

Predict the election result?

By Edward Ferrin Chief Stormont Correspondent Voting will have finished at 10pm and usually in Great Britain, the TV channels and pundits will have released their exit poll. Then after the first few results overnight, we would see a “mock” swingometer reading by Jeremy Vine or another BBC analyst sitting alongside Sir. John Curtice ofContinue reading “Predict the election result?”