Album Review: Villagers – {Awayland} (Domino Records; 2013)

By COLM O'CONNOR @Colm16 Conor J. O’Brien, the man behind the Villagers, has returned to much publicity. In {Awayland}, he has crafted a different beast from 2010’s acclaimed Becoming a Jackal. This is a more radio friendly record, and is much more of a band effort, but it is no less impressive as a result.Continue reading “Album Review: Villagers – {Awayland} (Domino Records; 2013)”

Exclusive: The Gown Sessions – The Slow Ticks

The Slow Ticks performing at Governor's Bridge, Belfast, in early November 2012 exclusively for The Gown. The Slow Ticks are Benjamin and John 'O Whittington and the Steed. Visit the  wnBelfast?feature=guide” target=”_blank”>TheGownBelfast for more videos and to subscribe. zp8497586rq