PREVIEW: The Future of Unionism

PREVIEW: Claire Dickinson reviews where Unionism is heading, where it’s been, and why we are where we are.

Edwin Poots’ 21-Day Stay as DUP Leader

In what feels like barely a few short seconds since the Gown published its profile on the incumbent Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader, Edwin Poots has resigned his office. Aidan Lomas assesses the current turbulent state of the DUP and Northern Ireland.

Edwin Poots: A Profile of the new DUP leader

Aidan Lomas Almost one week on from Edwin Poots’ dramatic accession to the DUP leadership, many still find themselves in the limbo land of wondering who the man exactly is. A long-term frontline Northern Irish politician, Mr Poots has been engaged in public service since the 1990s. With him being the first elected leader ofContinue reading “Edwin Poots: A Profile of the new DUP leader”

North Down: An Election Battleground

Garrett Byrne writes North Down is a district neatly situated at the tip of the picturesque landscape of Strangford Lough. It features affluent coastal villages, tending to exude a cosmopolitan air more akin to that of a constituency in East Anglia across the water. On a cultural level, it is also famed for being theContinue reading “North Down: An Election Battleground”