Arts Feature: How to shake off the cold and boredom in Belfast this Easter

By PETER MCLOUGHLIN Happy Easter everyone! We at the Gown understand, implicitly, that one must prioritise discipline in one’s chosen degree to ensure prudent progress in life (the old ‘differed’ rather than ‘immediate’ gratification conundrum).  Yet each and every one of us must occasionally unwind; whether a quiet night in the Movie House, or aContinue reading “Arts Feature: How to shake off the cold and boredom in Belfast this Easter”

Theatre Review: Planet Belfast at the MAC

BY RACHEL CHIVERS The Tinderbox Theatre Company have returned to the MAC with Rosemary Jekinson’s new play, Planet Belfast. The play is contemporary, local and political.  It centres on one couple and their marriage.  Abigail McGibbon plays Alice, who is Stormont’s only Green MLA.  Her husband Martin, played by Paul Kennedy, is a controversial historianContinue reading “Theatre Review: Planet Belfast at the MAC”

Andy Warhol Exhibition at The MAC

By HAYLEY GAULT One can get lost throughout the course of the 232 piece Andy Warhol exhibition at the MAC. It extensively spans his career from the 60’s to the 80’s. I was instructed to begin in the lofty Upper Gallery, which on entering revealed large, stark, black and white print canvases. This was notContinue reading “Andy Warhol Exhibition at The MAC”

Upcoming Events in Belfast

BY PETER MCLOUGHLIN penis growth guide Here's a brief overview of what's coming up in Belfast for your enjoyment over the holiday period. If you’re hankering for some new music, you never have to go far.  You can check out my albums of the year here; and below this paragraph is a playlist I putContinue reading “Upcoming Events in Belfast”