Film Review: Good Vibrations (2013)

BY PETER McGORAN “I knew there were other people like us, they’d just fallen in-between the cracks.” So Terri Hooley takes us on a tour of 1970s Belfast like you’ve never seen it before. The radical, eccentric music-lover risks home and family to open up a record shop on the most bombed street in EuropeContinue reading “Film Review: Good Vibrations (2013)”

Film of the Month: Stoker (Fox; 2013)

BY STEVEN ARMOUR In the opening scenes of Stoker we see a young girl, carefree, frolicking through a lush woodland area in search of something – something she will not find until the end of her very unconventional coming-of-age journey in this perverse tale the Brothers Grimm would be proud to have concocted.  Outsider India’sContinue reading “Film of the Month: Stoker (Fox; 2013)”

I Give It a Year (Working Title Films; 2013)

BY STEVEN ARMOUR 2011 saw a new standard set for the comedy genre when the box-office smash and critically acclaimed Bridesmaids became a cultural phenomenon, successfully blending crude humour with more relatable gags, and presenting flawed but eccentrically endearing characters. I Give It a Year – a film much smaller in scale but likewise inContinue reading “I Give It a Year (Working Title Films; 2013)”

Film Review: A Good Day to Die Hard (20th Century Fox; 2013)

BY MATTHEW LAW … opposed to a bad day to die hard? Or, even opposed to a good day to die in general? Maybe dying “hard” is just much more fun than dying regularly, or softly for that matter, whatever that would entail. Anyway, I digress! John McClane returns to the big screen for theContinue reading “Film Review: A Good Day to Die Hard (20th Century Fox; 2013)”