Film Review: Ruby Sparks (Fox Searchlight; 2012)

By Peter McLoughlin @PeterGownArts Written by, and starring, relative unknown Zoe Kazan, Ruby Sparks succeeds in posing some interesting meta-physical questions regarding gender roles – specifically the role of the male as the dominator in a relationship.  It also succeeds as an entertaining break from typical romantic comedy – although it certainly sees itself asContinue reading “Film Review: Ruby Sparks (Fox Searchlight; 2012)”

Film Review: Hotel Transylvania (Sony Pictures Animation; 2012)

By Peter McLoughlin @PeterGownArts It’s often difficult to tell who animated films are targeting, and Hotel Transylvania is no different. If there is an underlying moral to the film, it is that parents should not re-enforce their own irrational fear in their children – and nor should they restrict their children’s growth by coddling themContinue reading “Film Review: Hotel Transylvania (Sony Pictures Animation; 2012)”

Film Review: The Campaign (Warner Bros; 2012)

By Peter McLoughlin @PeterGownArts The Campaign is a by-the-numbers Will Ferrell comedy, but with a twist: there’s actually some relevant, and quite serious, social satire undercutting the film. The film centres on two different but equally inane local election candidates, Cam Brady (Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis), as they are pitted against each otherContinue reading “Film Review: The Campaign (Warner Bros; 2012)”

Film Review: Looper (Film District; 2012)

By Steven Armour  A big budget sci-fi thriller concerning the idea of time travel was probably the last thing fans of Rian Johnson were expecting when his latest feature was announced. What at first would appear to be a departure from his independent film roots, Johnson’s Looper in fact manages to keep those indie sensibilities,Continue reading “Film Review: Looper (Film District; 2012)”