Arts Feature: How to shake off the cold and boredom in Belfast this Easter

By PETER MCLOUGHLIN Happy Easter everyone! We at the Gown understand, implicitly, that one must prioritise discipline in one’s chosen degree to ensure prudent progress in life (the old ‘differed’ rather than ‘immediate’ gratification conundrum).  Yet each and every one of us must occasionally unwind; whether a quiet night in the Movie House, or aContinue reading “Arts Feature: How to shake off the cold and boredom in Belfast this Easter”

Theatre Review: ‘Calamity Jane’ at the Grand Opera House

By PETER McLOUGHLIN Calamity Jane, at the Grand Opera House, is a musical production from the New Lyric Operatic Company.  It is set in the legendary town of Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The production is a light-hearted song-and-dance comedy, led by ballsy heroine Calamity Jane (Ciara Mackey). All the markers of aContinue reading “Theatre Review: ‘Calamity Jane’ at the Grand Opera House”

Exclusive: Jenn Bostic – The Gown Session & Interview

The frankly iridescent Jenn Bostic performed for The Gown at Ten Square Hotel, Belfast, on 3rd March 2013 We were also privileged to interview Jenn after the performance, which follows below.  Evidently she does take the weather with her.. [jwplayer config=”Custom Player 2″ mediaid=”3342″] Questions by Jonny Nicholl Jenn how are you? Doing great! How are you enjoying Ireland?Continue reading “Exclusive: Jenn Bostic – The Gown Session & Interview”

Theatre Review: Herons at the Lyric Theatre

By PETER MCLOUGHLIN Herons – the story of a 14 year old kid who is confronted repeatedly by a young gang – continues the Lyric’s admirable tradition of exploring not just the grand in theatre, but also the small-scale, the sparse and the unattractive. The play, by Simon Stephens, is both brash and skilfully woven. Continue reading “Theatre Review: Herons at the Lyric Theatre”