Album Review: Green Day – Dos (Reprise; 2012)

BY ANNA CAFOLLA The second in the album trilogy for Green Day is titled, appropriately, Dos. The trilogy’s final release, Tre, will be released in December, and following that the band will begin their tour in 2013. Dos covers a lot of bases. Punchy riffs and playful lyrics echo the young attitudes of 90s GreenContinue reading “Album Review: Green Day – Dos (Reprise; 2012)”

Album Review: Heyward Howkins – The Hale & Hearty (2012)

BY BEN WHITTINGTON The Hale & Hearty will not change your life, but it will make you happy for a while, and maybe that’s enough. The playfulness in Heyward Howkins’ songs is a real joy to hear. Instead of operating with a chart-pleasing mechanical beat, they cascade like drops of rain on a window pane,Continue reading “Album Review: Heyward Howkins – The Hale & Hearty (2012)”

Album Review : David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant (4AD; 2012)

By Cathal Delea Despite what Mark Ronson would have you believe, horns aren’t cool. No, horns and in particular the saxophone are the go-to sound of greasy men in 80’s suits and dirty mailmen in pornos, “Hey baby, I’ve got a big package for you.” So when David Byrne of Talking Heads and Annie ClarkContinue reading “Album Review : David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant (4AD; 2012)”