Conert Review: Lawson at The Ulster Hall (20/10/13)

BY PETER MCGORAN I was warned by Lawson’s Joel Peat in an earlier interview not to write the band off as just another boyband and to come, instead, and see them live before making any judgments. So that’s exactly what I did.  The background music dies down and the crowd looks expectantly at the massiveContinue reading “Conert Review: Lawson at The Ulster Hall (20/10/13)”

Concert Review: Bastille at the Ulster Hall (26/10/13)

BY LIAM CASSIDY  Bastille’s success story has been an accelerated one. From mid 2012 they have gained steady momentum, increased media coverage and have built up a firm fan base. With the 2013 number one album ‘Bad Blood’ now under their belt, Bastille seem determined to drive on with relentless touring and a planned doubleContinue reading “Concert Review: Bastille at the Ulster Hall (26/10/13)”