A Gilead Made Manifest in Ireland: Republic of Shame by Caelainn Hogan

Jessica-Neve Smyth, Inkpot Editor. “At least in The Handmaid’s Tale they value babies, mostly. Not so in the true stories here.” Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale and newly released The Testaments, has compared the accounts of Ireland’s religious-run institutions recorded in the Republic of Shame to the strict and religious dystopian regime of Gilead. Written by Dublin Journalist Caelainn Hogan,Continue reading “A Gilead Made Manifest in Ireland: Republic of Shame by Caelainn Hogan”

Womenfolk: A Collaboration for Daring Entrepreneurs with Creative Flair

Shauna Graham, Contributor. Womenfolk – a sub-organization of Blick Shared Studios, headed by Christine James – began as a project solely to celebrate female design entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. The project aims to encourage more women to start up their own design businesses by showcasing the work of local designers in the area. This project wasContinue reading “Womenfolk: A Collaboration for Daring Entrepreneurs with Creative Flair”

Why Do Women Hate Other Women?

BY SONIA BENHASSINE Let’s face it ladies, we’ve all had a Regina George moment, or five. We tend to become incredibly more competitive, over the most trivial things, with other women than men. But is this catty, bitchy attitude merely a fact of life that we can let slide or is it something that holdsContinue reading “Why Do Women Hate Other Women?”